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About Us

That's me with my ethically made caftan and bags this summer!                    
    I started my fair trade business in 2009, after traveling to Cambodia to visit silk weaving villages and learning about "fair trade."  10+ years later, I still love bringing a little bit of beauty, through ethically made apparel and home goods, to my customers.
 At Rain Lily Shop, we celebrate the handmade.  Whether made in a fair trade artisan cooperative in a developing country, or in a Brooklyn workshop, handmade crafts are special. Preserving traditional craft techniques, providing sustainable incomes, and providing alternatives to mass production are all values that we treasure.
    Rain Lily works with a variety of craft collectives, fair trade companies, and NGO's, groups that bring employment to artisans (the majority of whom are women) and keep traditional skills alive.  By bringing these crafts to the global marketplace, the artisans can make a sustainable living, their cultures have a better chance of remaining intact, and the beauty of the crafting techniques is not lost to the world.
    Recently we have begun to source some crafts from artisans here in the United States.  The craft movement has taken off in recent years, and is a wonderful antidote to mass production, both in terms of the quality of the goods and the value placed on a slower pace of life.

     Please visit our blog, and check our Events page on this site to find out where you can shop for our products in person!

     Thanks for visiting the site!  We'd love to hear from you, so drop me an email:

Katie Mahoney
Montclair, New Jersey