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  • Mother's Day and World Fair Trade Day

    Both Mother's Day and World Fair Trade Day are this weekend!  Here's a lovely photo of a mother in Hyderabad, India with her baby:



    It's also a good time to reflect on where all of the STUFF that we buy, comes from.  That's where the concept of fair trade comes in.  Are the things we buy made under conditions that cause another human being somewhere in the world to suffer?  If so, it doesn't have to be that way.  I hope that some day there won't be any such thing as "fair trade" because all trade will be fair!

    The theme of this year's World Fair Trade Day is "Fair Trade People."  The following are excerpts from the World Fair Trade Organization's 2014 Press Release.

    The People behind the Product
    Fair Trade is a transparent trading system that supports economically marginalised people, fair prices, good working conditions, and long-term partnership through trade. Behind every Fair Trade product on the market there are real people. We tell their story through the WFTO Product Label, which was launched last year when the WFTO Membership approved the new WFTO Guarantee System.  
    The People promoting Fair Trade 
    Consumers and Fair Trade promoters are central to building the Fair Trade movement. By buying Fair Trade products, consumers have helped strengthen Fair Trade groups and supply chains, built a network of over 1,000 Fair Trade towns, cities and universities globally; and put pressure on governments and big businesses to improve their business practices.
    Supporting the change
    Fair Trade has produced change, and we will continue to do so. Fair Trade has improved the lives of several million small producers worldwide and their communities. 
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