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  • Holiday Preview!

    Wow, are we excited about new items coming soon for the Holiday Season!  Beautiful, chic, stylish, affordable and of course completely handmade and fair trade.  So you can give a gift to someone (or yourself) and you are giving twice -- to the recipient and to the artisans who made the gift.  Everyone wins!  And how lovely is that?

    Below, see the stole made from handspun, handwoven cotton by women in a Central Indian weaving group.  Soft, cozy, colorful and luxurious!  Then there's the mudcloth clutch/pouch handmade in Mali (cotton, natural dye made from mud of course!) with chic chevron pattern and adorable tassel.  Just two items of many coming in the next few weeks.  Interested?  Email me at and I'll give you the details!


    Handwoven Stole - India        Handmade Mudcloth Pouch/Clutch - Mali

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